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About Mamut


About Mamut
Founded in 1994, Mamut is a leading European provider of complete, integrated software solutions and internet services for SMEs. Mamut offers complete and user-friendly solutions at the best value for money integrating CRM, sales force, logistics, accounting, e-commerce, domains, e-mail, web hosting and security. More than 400,000 European customers simplify their daily business with solutions from Mamut.

To simplify the way small organisations do business

Mission Statement
To empower all organisations with effective and user friendly administrative tools in order to improve their business processes

Strategic Goal
Become a leading provider of small business solutions in Northern Europe

Company facts

Established 1994, IPO in May 2004

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway

495 employees

More than 400,000 customers in 16 countries

More than 95,000 Mamut Open Services users

The following companies are part of the Mamut Corporation:

Mamut: Offers complete business management software to small and medium sized businesses in Europe

Active 24: Offers domains and web hosting in sixteen European countries

Loopia: Offers domains and web hosting in Sweden

Mamut Stellar Business: Offers Accounting and CRM systems in Denmark

MYOB: Offers Accounting, Retail and Payroll software to small and medium sized businesses in the UK and Ireland

Mamut is a European leader in the provision of integrated software solutions and internet services to the SME market. Founded in 1994, they have more than 400,000 customers in 16 countries.